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Debra Sievers, a native Californian, began creating art at a very young age. In response to the rural isolation of her childhood home she created her own world of beauty and magic - daily recording the world around her.


Her formal art education began at the Philadelphia College of Art and continued in New York at the Art Students League and National Academy of Design. Debra's studies with several contemporary masters had a profound affect on her art, culminating with six arduous months of intense training with Ted Seth Jacobs.

A passionate wanderer, Debra has found inspiration living in many different environments. Her favorites include New York City, Taos, Sedona, the Bavarian Alps and her beloved Greek island, Poros. Here she spent two years painting the people and landscape while renovating an old shepherd's cottage.

Known for her large scale trompe l'oeil murals, Debra is also considered an accomplished portrait painter. She has recently expanded her subjects to include the planet along with people. Beginning with drawings and paintings of ancient Greek olive trees she eventually shifted from land to sea. A life long lover of the ocean, Debra was inspired to paint the relationships of light, movement and water when she moved to the Central Coast in 2011.

Mosaics are another favorite outlet for Debra's love of playing with color and movement. 

Debra's murals, mosaics and fine art can be found in resorts, casinos , galleries and private collections around the world. She's been a featured artist at New York's Art Expo and her paintings have been on many magazine covers. A popular teacher at Sedona Art Center, she has also taught her workshop, " How to Paint What You See" in Idyllwild, Taos, San Luis Obispo.

Debra currently lives, creates and teaches art in her hometown of Fallbrook, California.





  • Shirley MacClaine

  • Hilton Corporation


  • Atlantis Resort-Dubai


  • Loews Resorts and Hotels


  • Circus Circus Hotels and Casinos


  • Ferrari-Carano Winery


  • Del Mar Racetrack

  • Europa Village Winery


  • Penn National Hollywood Casinos


     As a painter, I'm compelled to capture a moment, a movement, an emotion just barely flicking over a face............. the explosion of sea foam filled with light from the setting sun...........the peaceful strength of a rock, anchored in the ancient olive tree, silver green in the sharp Greek light.

  Portraits are my favorite - I love the challenge of painting eyes filled with endless stories that can't be told with words.

    Using oils on canvas, linen or board, sometimes lead or pen and ink, my goal as an artist is to reveal my subject's spirit.     








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